sexta-feira, 28 de junho de 2013

Travelling soon and freebie kits!


Lately, all I can think of is that we will be travelling soon, and so, I had to make a kit with all those travelling ideas comming to mind.

Here is my first freebie today:
You can download it  HERE (  and HERE (4shared)

And the second one is from Pixel Scrapper Designer Challenge. Here it is:
The donload link is HERE (   and HERE (4shared)

ps.: I received a message from Dropbox saying the traffic to my dropbox public files became excessive. So they suspended it. Now, I uploaded the files on and I hope everything is fine. Plese tell me if there is any problem ok?

I hope you have lots of fun with them!

sexta-feira, 7 de junho de 2013

80's Feeling freebie


Well, Marisa at Pixel Scrapper made this fun propsition for us: Work with neon colors! Well, someone who spent her adolescence in the 80's could not resist right?

I ended up having so much fun with the theme I had to share with you!!!

Here is my result:

And here are the links:

Mediafire links:
For All programs: HERE
For Craft Artisit program: HERE

I really hope you have lots of fun like I did! And if you feel like, take part in the challenge. It is posted right HERE

sábado, 1 de junho de 2013

Pond Life Freebie PS Blogtrain


This month I am part of the Pixel Scrapper Blog train! You are gonna love all the adorable contributions!!!
Here is the color pallete we worked with:

And here is my contribution:

You like it? Here are the links (4shared):
For All programs: HERE
For Craft Artist: HERE

Alternative dropbox links:
For All programs: HERE
For Craft Artist: HERE

Mediafire Links:
For All programs: HERE
For Craft Artist: HERE

Some people where having trouble with the Craft Artist file, so I uploaded here too (
For Craft Artist: HERE

Please tell me if there is a problem with the downloads fo the other file and I'll try to upload it somewhere else too if needed.

To grab all the other parts, go to this thread.