quarta-feira, 3 de abril de 2013

Doctor Cute Freebie


I have this kit lying in my HD for a while now ( It's fairly big!) and I decided to share with you because I love it, and I hope you will love it too!
Here it is:
and the papers:
again mediafire is giving me a hard time, so 4shared it is:

CA program HERE
All other programs HERE


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  1. This kit is soooooo cute! Thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Thanks!!! My little boy was a little doc on carneval, this kit will be perfect to make a cutie LO! :)

  3. I do I do I luv it ...My neice broke her wrist then had to have re`broke {can`t believe they do that} so the wrist would reset better ..Anywhooo I was looking for some "medical" items for alil mini album for her..THANK YOU ;~} SO MUCH FOR SHARING THIS CUTE KIT....

  4. Thank you for this great kit!
    I love the colors you picked for
    it too! :-)

  5. Thank you all for your comments
    @Crystalnva: Yes, sometimes it is what they have to do and it sucks!! I hope your niece is feeling better. :D

    @Gólya: Oh, I hope I can see those pretty pics ;)

  6. Many thanks for this fab kit, looks terrific!! Much appreciated my friend. x

  7. Thanks so much for this lovely kit. It was what I was looking for.Hugs from Brazil.

  8. Thank you Clumsinumptie!!!
    @Karla: Que bom que você gostou! :D Espero que seja útil!

  9. @Veroyru: I removed your comment because you had shared your email and I didn't know if you did want to share it. Here is the thing with this kit: It is so old and flawed! I made another medical kit, it is right here:

    Nad, of course there is this mini kit here:
    I can try to revamp the Doctor Cute one, but I don't really know when it will be ready... Hugs!!!


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