sexta-feira, 1 de setembro de 2017

Kookie Creepie Circus CU freebie


I decided to participate in the PS CU Blogtrain for September right HERE
I do have a story to share about my contribution:
My son and I was drawing (with him telling me where to put the eyes, ears, etc...) when he said it would be awesome for the vampire to show only his hands as if he was trying to open his cape. But the position he wanted the hand was impossible and I asked him to imitate the vampire. He couldn't and we were laughing all the afternoon about the contortionist vampire. After a while our Kookie creepie circus band was born!
and without further ado, here it is:
Click the image or the link below to get it:

Hugs! And don't forget to visit the other parts of this train! HERE is the link again!

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